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Anti-DDoS Game

The Anti-DDoS Game solution, included with all of our Game dedicated servers, is the most efficient and robust on the market. Its purpose is to avoid any downtime for your services. Unlike standard solutions, it is adapted to UDP traffic (used for video, audio and video games), with ingress and egress traffic reviewed. Game-specific profiles can also be applied, to further optimise the protection. In case of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, players are not aware of anything!

The ultimate gaming experience

Our Game servers have up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth, to process traffic without compromising service availability. With datacentres based across the globe, you can rent servers closest to where your gamers are based, for the lowest latency possible. It is a perfect solution for professional resellers and software publisher, with optimal performance at an affordable price.

Raw power for gaming

The latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors is based on Zen 3 architecture. It brings important changes, which result in better performance. We provide you with the full power of these processors, thanks to liquid cooling (watercooling) ensuring optimal efficiency. With this new generation of Ryzen processors, you gain up to 26% more performance than with the previous versions (3000 series).

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Game dedicated servers focus on performance. They are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors - based on the Zen 3 architecture - which offer the best performance on the market. These configurations are mainly aimed at video game designers and hosting providers of streaming platforms. They are designed to handle parallel tasks, image and video processing, as well as hosting online games. The many features included, including our Anti-DDoS Game, make this range the best solution for delivering a unique gaming experience.
The setup fees cover the cost of assembling and connecting your server in our datacentres. The initial fees are only billed once, when the service is set up. This means they are not linked to your commitment period.

The installation costs of your dedicated server are free of charge for any commitment of a minimum of 12 months.
The options are available at the server configuration step. You can also order and enable options directly via the Our Control Panel, after your service has been delivered.


Install this free VoIP software on your dedicated server to benefit from its features while you play games. It is widely used on Minecraft servers, for exchanges between players.


Configure Twitch on your dedicated server to stream your live games, while interacting with your community.


Win against your opponents when you play multiplayer games, in training or competitions, with TeamSpeak voice chat. Create chat channels for each game your community plays.


Run private games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike Source on a Game dedicated server. Performance and fluidity are optimised for your tournaments.


Host Rust on a Game dedicated server to leverage all the power of this range. Survive as long as possible!


The most popular sandbox multiplayer game on the market. Manage your Minecraft servers, and add all the mods you need.


Explore maps filled with dinosaurs, ready to eat you up! Domesticate them, then train them to protect you and collect resources - without having to worry about whether your server is working properly.


Become the most popular Arma community with a Game dedicated server, ready to host hundreds of hours of activity.

Garry's Mod

Get the most out of the Garry's Mod source engine, with the Game range of servers. Build mods freely, for memorable gameplay.

Team Fortress

For private online gaming sessions, you can offer your customers private Team Fortress servers.


Play Left 4 Dead 2’s different gaming modes in private mode, on a server specially designed for online gaming.

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An in-house, expert team is available round-the-clock to help resolve your queries to get you started and grow your presence online. We are there when you get stuck-anytime, day or night. We help you create a website fast and easy by resolving all web hosting queries!

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